Permanent/Semi Permanent Cosmetics

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Microblading ,Brow Shading, and Combination Brows:  Microblading is the process of inserting pigment into the skin with a very small blade made up of tiny needles. These tiny needles when pulled along the skin simulate the appearance of natural brow hair. This beautiful and natural looking technique is considered to be a permanent to semi permanent cosmetics ,  it will fade over time and touch ups are recommended once every six months to thirteen months to help keep the color and shape looking sharp.  Microblading should give your brows a pretty soft natural look with hair like strokes blended into your natural brow hairs, the more brow hairs that you have the more natural your brows will appear. Brows can be made to appear slightly filled in for a soft natural look to having a more fluffy or fuller look if so desired.

  • Microblading  heals best on younger skin, or Normal to Dry skin.
  • Shading and Combination brows heals best for Oily skin , Aging skin , or Thin skin clients

Shading of the brows  are filled in with a soft color that sits behind the brow hairs. This technique is done with a hand held tool; soft tapped into the skin to give a shading effect, or with a needle by machine method which will last longer depending on a persons skin type and time spent in the sun , and life style; this technique is  shaded with light strokes at a ninety degree angle to give a softer and more even look of color and less discomfort for the client. This desired look of a translucent head of the brow, and arch for a more natural and softer look is stunning and will last for two to three years depending on amount of time spent in the sun and lifestyle of the client.  Combination brows are first microbladed with thin hair line strokes then lightly gone over with a soft tap tool or machine method; this combination gives brows a more natural to fuller look.

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