Eye Lash Extensions are beautiful frames for the eyes! They come in different lengths, widths, with darker to lighter hues in warm browns to the darkest black eyelashes . The perfect length, width and curl can dramatically accentuate the shape and color of your own beautiful eyes. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect lash look and showing you how to protect your lovely new lashes with an easy home care kit which includes your lash cleanser and lash brushes . Having the right product at your finger tips will help you keep your eyelashes looking pretty, and healthy between visits.

Beautiful skin starts from within ….essential oils , water, a healthy diet , exercise , and a positive outlook helps keep our body balanced and our skin happy.

Our skin care treatments will help restore the natural feeling of soft and glowing skin with non-invasive, safe and effective skin care treatments . We offer three productive Medical grade treatments that can be used alone or paired with another treatment. Our favorite treatment that has little to no downtime offers glowing skin , and a fresh clean feeling within 24 to 48 hours. Our noninvasive Microdermabrasion facial aids in the removal of dead skin cells that helps decrease pore size, cleaning up acne and gives your skin it’s beautiful natural glow by turning over skin cells to help give it a fresh healthy look and feel. For a more dramatic skincare treatment Microneedling works best to help decrease laxity of the skin, fades minor dark spots , and gives your skin a fresh beautiful new glow. Your Microneedling skin care service can also be paired with a gentle Microdermabrasion to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles as well as decreasing lite scaring ( a lite chemical Peel can be added to your service to help maximize your treatment when needed). For those who desire the removal of vellus hair on the face, the Dermaplaning procedure would give you the best results, leaving your face feeling soft smooth, and glowing within hours of your treatment.

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