About Xtreme® lashes

Xtreme®  lashes are premium lashes that are applied with an award-winning, medical grade bonding agent which is made in the USA.  With proper care, you can enjoy wearing your lashes for as long as you heart desires as long as you get regular, timely touch ups.

Classic Lashes.     

Classic Lashes
“A pretty soft look for simplicity”

Classic Lashes are applied to your own natural lashes one at a time individually. Careful placement takes time, sometimes up to an hour and a half depending on the amount of natural lashes.  This also allows ample time to customize and design beautiful lashes that fit your individual eye shape and style.

Xtreme Volume Lashes

Volume or Mega Lashes, also know as 2d,3d,4,d,5d  lashes, are finer, lighter individual lashes that are made into full fans that are carefully created with a lash pick up technique that turns tiny lashes into beautiful lash fans.

Volume Lashes

These beautiful tiny fans are made for each one or your available lashes.   During your lash appointment your lash fans are carefully and meticulously placed on one individual natural lash to give you a voluminous look to your lashes. The hand made fans creates the very popular sought after Volume or Mega Volume lash look. Variations of the volume lashes can be acheived  such as a Spiked Look when longer spiked lashes are added on each eye and the volume lashes are built in around the spikes. Hybrid Lashes use the same method of  placement but with classic lashes being used and then volume lashes are built around the classic lashes.

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic and volume lashes.

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