Products Used

we are using Physician’s Care Alliance, LLC (PCA) products in our facial treatments .

About PCA

PCA skin care is a scientifically formulated skin care line that has been designed to treat acne, aging skin, sensitive skin and hyperpigmentation. This professional line promotes protection of the skin while providing a custom treatment plan for each individual’s specific needs. PCA’s skin care products have been formulated for use professionally in both medical and clinical treatment rooms with an easy-to-follow regimen for clients’ continued improvement at home.

PCA’s philosophy is that “healthy skin is beautiful skin.” PCA understands that their clients’ skin has to be addressed individually, and that preparing their skin for treatment (both pre and post) is key to their client achieving beautiful results.

The PCA Approach

PCA’s low dose approach to protecting and nourishing the skin teaches their clinicians to set baselines with their peel treatments and products so that no additional inflammation will be caused that could worsen the underlying problem of their client’s current skin condition. This progressive approach can correct skin conditions and inflammation with gentle treatments that deliver a more consistent and dramatic result. This allows the client to experience beautiful, healthy skin with little to no down time after treatments.

Where PCA Can Be Purchased

Tell me about your skin care needs for home. We will discuss what your concerns are and I will be happy to set you up with an easy, affordable, daily skin care plan. I am a certified PCA professional and I would be happy to help. I carry several samples and you can purchase full-size products directly from me. For more information on products and use for different skin types of PCA’s products ,take a look at their homepage.

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