9 easy tips for caring for your lash extensions


Your eyelashes and brows are meant to protect your eyes from dust, dirt and debris , so it is essential to care for them and your lash extensions on a daily basis.

Follow these simple steps for cleaning your beautiful lashes and taking care of your pretty peepers! 

  1.  Cleaning your lashes is very important! A simple wash of Johnson’s baby shampoo will gently cleanse your lash extensions to remove oils, dirt and debris effectively from the lash extensions. Please use this simple cleanser to care for your lashes at home and the day of your service for extensions and refills.
    • NOTE: Oil on the lashes from makeup remover, makeup, moisturizers, coconut oil, and mascara will cause your lash extensions to come off quickly after being applied. It is very important to make sure that you use only Johnson’s baby shampoo at home before and after extension application to help protect the wear of your lashes.
  2.  Mix one part Johnson’s baby shampoo with four parts distilled water.  Mix and pour into a small foaming pump bottle or 4 oz travel size bottle. Use this as a daily cleanser and on the day of your lash fill to remove oils, dirt, and debris from the lashes. Cleanse  gently with a fluffy eye makeup brush across the eyelids and lashes and then with downward strokes from the eyelid to the tips of the lashes. Rinse with warm water, and gently brush with pink spool brush to remove tangles. Lashes can be dried with the cool setting on your hair dryer.
    • NOTE: Only use Johnson’s baby shampoo! Some off brands or natural baby shampoos may contain oil.
  3.  Lash serums are recommended to help nourish and enhance the growth of your lashes. Most serums can be used while wearing lash extensions if they are a water-based.
  4.  Avoid the use of eye makeup removers that contain oils. Some cleansers will say oil free, but some manufacturers may still add a small amount of oil into their product. Please read the label carefully to make sure there are no oils listed in the product.
  5.  Mascara is not necessary and could damage your natural lashes along with your lash extensions. However, if you choose to use mascara, use only mascara that is made for lash extensions or a mascara that is water-based only. Only apply to the very tips of the lash extensions–applying them to the entire lash could cause tangling and breakage or extensions to come loose.
    • NOTE: Please do not use water-proof mascara! It could damage your natural lashes and your lash extensions.
  6.  Avoid pulling, picking, or twisting lash extensions. This can cause damage to natural lashes and may lead to premature shedding of your extensions. Please do not curl your eyelash extensions with a curler. The extensions come pre-curled in a variety of curls so additional curling is not necessary. Doing so may shorten the lifespan of the extensions and damage your natural lashes.
  7.  Please do not attempt to remove your lash extensions yourself as this will cause premature pulling out of your own natural lashes. Please make an appointment and we will remove them with a professional product designed for safe and comfortable removal.
  8.  Visit your professional lash stylist for fills monthly or when you notice about 50% of extensions have grown out and lashes have shed. This is typically two to three weeks after your appointment.  For your convenience it is recommended to book your follow-up fill before leaving your lash appointment.
  9.  Arriving to your lash fill appointment with eyes clean of all makeup will insure that your fill appointment is dedicated to maintenance and filling your eyelash extensions.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know that mascara isn’t necessary once I wear eyelash extensions. My husband had been complaining that I take too long to get ready in the morning and getting these extensions can be a way to cut down my prep time. I’ll try to look for nearby salons that offer this service and see how much this service would cost.

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