Take a holiday to feel happy and healthy

Being happy is not only good for your health but it makes you feel attractive as well. Smiling and being happy is uplifting not only for ourselves but to those around us, and it can determine how others perceive us. Studies show that when we smile and have a positive attitude we become more attractive and look healthier to the outside world. The health benefits of being happy include lowering our stress levels, encouraging us to eat healthier, exercising more, and decreasing our chances of heart disease. Having a healthy, happy attitude can easily be increased by taking regular vacations and scheduling massages and spa visits. Sharing happiness with others is addicting; taking the time off and enjoying our life with others can easily help us feel and look younger, live longer, and gives us the desire that drives our soul. The more we give ourselves permission to travel, laugh ,and share…. the happier, healthier, and more attractive we will feel.

Sources and additional reading:
“Travel is the best medicine, study finds”
“Is Travel Good For You?”

Photo by KM (Sanibel Island, FL)

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