Permanent Makeup -before & after care

Home care is an essential part of your Permanent/Simi permanent Makeup service, especially for the healing process and color retention. It is recommended that you read this carefully and please contact me if you have any questions .

Before appointment

It is important that you prepare for your permanent makeup session effectively. Bleeding during the procedure will greatly effect how your body retains pigment. It is important that you follow before care instructions to help minimize bleeding.

24 hours before your appointment you need to avoid smoking ,alcohol , caffeine , asprin, and blood thinners, if you currently take blood thinners you will need to check with your physician and have permission from him or her to be off of your blood thinner for 24 hours prior to your permanent/ Semi permanent makeup appointment . It is not recommended to have any type of permanent makeup done while pregnant or breast feeding , Please do know I may ask for a release from your physician after our consultation to continue with any permanent cosmetic procedures. If you have received chemotherapy treatments we must wait six months and have written permission from your physician to proceed with any  permanent makeup pocedures.


Aftercare is a critical step for any Permanent makeup treatment. Permanent makeup procedures are a two step process that requires a follow up session in six weeks to implant more color and fill in any areas that have flaked off or faded. I will not do the six week touch up until it has been six weeks, this is the amount of time that is needed to completely heal from your microblading or permanent cosmetic procedure. Following these guidelines will help ensure your color has retention,  and to  help improve your follow up treatment to give you the best results.

    • Wash Morning and night for 7 days with a gentle cleanser such as  (Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser) !
    • Wash within 4 hours of getting your brows done. ( Please do not wash in the shower)
    • Look in the mirror to wash your brows to make sure you are washing extra gentle. Use a new Qtip each time and gently wipe a small amount of cleanser  with a gentle stroke in the direction of the hair growth, no circles or hard rubbing. Wash with warm or cool water, and pat dry with a clean paper towel.
    • Keep Dry: (besides washing) until your brows are completely healed with no scabbing or flaking this typically takes 10 days.
    • Until your brows are completely healed at 10 days clients will still need to keep brows dry in the shower… Steamy hot showers will cause the pores to open and scabs to soften, so please be aware and cautious, no extra steamy hot showers , and please be cautious of shampoo and condition running down onto the face and brows, this will cause  color discoloration!
    • NO excessive sweating
    • No Sauna, hot tub, pool , ocean !

Please …

  • Do not Pick, Rub, or scratch scabs! Avoid sleeping on face
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks
  • No anti aging or acne products on your brows ever! Will cause fading very quickly. This is especially with anything that has chemical exfolliants such as Retin A ,  Retinal, Glycolic acid, Salisylic Acid, and Lactic acid .
  • Remember to use your healing balm 3 times a day and apply with a Qtip ! If client is oily , only use 2 times a day. Use your healing balm for 10 days.
  • Do not try to lighten your brows or use anything on them other then your Cetaphil wash, water and healing balm ,( Aquaphore), or (Tina Davies balm) during your 10 day healing process .


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