Eyelash Extension Retention.

One of the best tips for keeping your new eyelash extensions clean and connected starts before arriving to your lash appointment. Preparing the evening before your appointment by removing all of your eye and face makeup thoroughly with an oil free makeup remover; and cleansing your lashes with water and Johnsons baby shampoo or aContinue reading “Eyelash Extension Retention.”

9 easy tips for caring for your lash extensions

Your eyelashes and brows are meant to protect your eyes from dust, dirt and debris , so it is essential to care for them and your lash extensions on a daily basis. Follow these simple steps for cleaning your beautiful lashes and taking care of your pretty peepers!   Cleaning your lashes is very important! AContinue reading “9 easy tips for caring for your lash extensions”

Take a holiday to feel happy and healthy

Being happy is not only good for your health but it makes you feel attractive as well. Smiling and being happy is uplifting not only for ourselves but to those around us, and it can determine how others perceive us. Studies show that when we smile and have a positive attitude we become more attractiveContinue reading “Take a holiday to feel happy and healthy”