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One of the best tips for keeping your new eyelash extensions clean and connected starts before arriving to your lash appointment. Preparing the evening before your appointment by removing all of your eye and face makeup thoroughly with an oil free makeup remover; and cleansing your lashes with water and Johnsons baby shampoo or a professional grade eyelash cleanser for eyelash extensions. Eyelash cleansers are made to remove oils such as makeup and moisturizers that may migrate into the natural lashes, most people cannot see this, but often debris gets left behind and sits in the lash line which makes it difficult for the lash extension to adhere to . Going to a new lash appointment with makeup and dirty eyelashes will slow down your new lash appointment service; and cut into the amount of lash extensions that go onto your natural lashes. At the beginning of your appointment your lash artist will wash your eyelashes before each service to remove any left over makeup that is on your natural lashes. This process of the extra cleansing will help benefit the health of your natural lashes and a better fit for your extensions. Appointments are set for a specific amount of time for a full set or lash fills , coming in with dirty lashes when receiving a full set or lash fill will only take time away from receiving the full benefits of your lash service. Arriving to your appointment with a clean pallet will give you eyelash artist the correct amount of time to carefully craft and design a beautiful new eyelash look just for you.

  1. Be brave and let your lashes have a break from makeup and mascara the day before or at least the day of your lash appointment. Please do your best not to use mascara 24 hours before your lash appointment. Some mascaras can take several days to completely be removed especially water proof , or long lasting mascara’s . I know this sounds a little bit scary to go without mascara or makeup on your eyes, however it will save you time and money in the long run. This service is an investment in yourself and sharing this advice is hopefully useful for your investment. Starting out with the right steps is much more rewarding when the results give your the best service and you have beautiful lashes stay put with a light amount of shedding between fills. Great results after your first appointment will insure beautiful results each and every time. It is important from the very beginning to understand how extensions work and how they are applied. Lash Extensions are all applied with an adhesive that needs to have a clean, ( squeaky clean) oil free, and dry surface in order for the lash extensions to bond properly. These adhesives all need to cure at least 24 hours, and they cannot get wet during that 24 hour time period. (Lash extensions will not properly attach if the natural eyelashes have makeup and mascara on them . Just a quick wash before you come in will not do the lashes much good , mascara’s are stubborn and some eye shadows and liners are as well.) The adhesive has better retention when the lashes are applied onto clean , dry, oil free natural lash in a low humidity environment of 45 to 50 percent humidity and a temperature of 70 to 72 degrees F. A professionally trained lash artist with a background in esthetics ,nursing and/or who has been professionally trained in eyelash extension services knows just how important it is to create the ideal environment and the proper steps to take to make sure you receive the best service , we greatly appreciate our clients and want them to have the best experience.
  2. The best service received for lash extensions goes beyond the application. Creating a comfortable and safe environment for the client makes the experience much more enjoyable and a relaxing experience . The benefit of being able to feel relaxed coincides with a great application; a noisy background, chewing gum, texting and bringing friends and family along for a lash appointment is distracting for you and movement of the face and body makes it difficult for your lash artist to carefully separate each of your tiny lashes and properly adhere them to each individual natural lash. Giving yourself a break from distractions is an excellent way to take this time to relax, and unwind from a busy day . The benefit of taking time out for yourself to relax offers a memorable experience and your lashes will look amazing as well as you will be feeling refreshed and beautiful when you leave. Now that you are in the know of what to expect for your future eyelash appointment and fill appointments you can now relax and enjoy a lash spa service and leave with lovely new lashes .
  3. Remember to clean your new lash extensions every evening before going to sleep, clean natural lashes will stay healthier and your extensions will last longer between fills. Clean lashes are happy lashes!

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9 easy tips for caring for your lash extensions


Your eyelashes and brows are meant to protect your eyes from dust, dirt and debris , so it is essential to care for them and your lash extensions on a daily basis.

Follow these simple steps for cleaning your beautiful lashes and taking care of your pretty peepers! 

  1.  Cleaning your lashes is very important! A simple wash of Johnson’s baby shampoo will gently cleanse your lash extensions to remove oils, dirt and debris effectively from the lash extensions. Please use this simple cleanser to care for your lashes at home and the day of your service for extensions and refills.
    • NOTE: Oil on the lashes from makeup remover, makeup, moisturizers, coconut oil, and mascara will cause your lash extensions to come off quickly after being applied. It is very important to make sure that you use only Johnson’s baby shampoo at home before and after extension application to help protect the wear of your lashes.
  2.  Mix one part Johnson’s baby shampoo with four parts distilled water.  Mix and pour into a small foaming pump bottle or 4 oz travel size bottle. Use this as a daily cleanser and on the day of your lash fill to remove oils, dirt, and debris from the lashes. Cleanse  gently with a fluffy eye makeup brush across the eyelids and lashes and then with downward strokes from the eyelid to the tips of the lashes. Rinse with warm water, and gently brush with pink spool brush to remove tangles. Lashes can be dried with the cool setting on your hair dryer.
    • NOTE: Only use Johnson’s baby shampoo! Some off brands or natural baby shampoos may contain oil.
  3.  Lash serums are recommended to help nourish and enhance the growth of your lashes. Most serums can be used while wearing lash extensions if they are a water-based.
  4.  Avoid the use of eye makeup removers that contain oils. Some cleansers will say oil free, but some manufacturers may still add a small amount of oil into their product. Please read the label carefully to make sure there are no oils listed in the product.
  5.  Mascara is not necessary and could damage your natural lashes along with your lash extensions. However, if you choose to use mascara, use only mascara that is made for lash extensions or a mascara that is water-based only. Only apply to the very tips of the lash extensions–applying them to the entire lash could cause tangling and breakage or extensions to come loose.
    • NOTE: Please do not use water-proof mascara! It could damage your natural lashes and your lash extensions.
  6.  Avoid pulling, picking, or twisting lash extensions. This can cause damage to natural lashes and may lead to premature shedding of your extensions. Please do not curl your eyelash extensions with a curler. The extensions come pre-curled in a variety of curls so additional curling is not necessary. Doing so may shorten the lifespan of the extensions and damage your natural lashes.
  7.  Please do not attempt to remove your lash extensions yourself as this will cause premature pulling out of your own natural lashes. Please make an appointment and we will remove them with a professional product designed for safe and comfortable removal.
  8.  Visit your professional lash stylist for fills monthly or when you notice about 50% of extensions have grown out and lashes have shed. This is typically two to three weeks after your appointment.  For your convenience it is recommended to book your follow-up fill before leaving your lash appointment.
  9.  Arriving to your lash fill appointment with eyes clean of all makeup will insure that your fill appointment is dedicated to maintenance and filling your eyelash extensions.
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Take a holiday to feel happy and healthy

Being happy is not only good for your health but it makes you feel attractive as well. Smiling and being happy is uplifting not only for ourselves but to those around us, and it can determine how others perceive us. Studies show that when we smile and have a positive attitude we become more attractive and look healthier to the outside world. The health benefits of being happy include lowering our stress levels, encouraging us to eat healthier, exercising more, and decreasing our chances of heart disease. Having a healthy, happy attitude can easily be increased by taking regular vacations and scheduling massages and spa visits. Sharing happiness with others is addicting; taking the time off and enjoying our life with others can easily help us feel and look younger, live longer, and gives us the desire that drives our soul. The more we give ourselves permission to travel, laugh ,and share…. the happier, healthier, and more attractive we will feel.

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Photo by KM (Sanibel Island, FL)